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Partners & Career

Work with VIGP to Achieve a Bigger Dream Together

School Partners

Partner with VIGP

VIGP has developed a range of relationships since 2012 in both China and the US including local high schools and universities, and different agencies. VIGP maintains the same goal when we work with our partners: We work together as trusted peers with the mutual goal of helping international students to achieve their dreams.

Business Partners

Partner with VIGP

We are always looking for partners who are interested in international education. Reach out to us: [email protected] to discuss how we can can grow and succeed together.

VIGP Careers

VIGP provides customized and trusted counseling services including college preparedness counseling, school application, and ongoing mentoring, to international students and new immigrants in the US. Our goal is to help students succeed in higher education, life, and career; in turn, we can make a difference for good in their lives and their communities. We are located in Seattle, Washington. Our team members are young, passionate, and supportive of each other. We are looking forward to having you in our team to serve and help more students.


VIGP provides internship opportunities for students to grow their professional and personal skills. This is a great opportunity to add quality work experience to your resume, to learn more about working with international students from around the world, and to gain valuable experience. 

Please visit our hiring posts to apply for our available positions. Or send in your resume at [email protected].