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2020 B.A. in Mathematics from University of Washington
Accepted into M.S. in Business Analytics at University of Southern California

I’m more than grateful that I could have VIGP as my consultant when applying for graduate programs. Alira is a diligent, insightful and professional advisor who helped me lots throughout my application process. She assisted me in selecting programs, made thorough timelines, gave out valuable suggestions on my personal statements and taught me skills to keep in touch with my dream school. Her help not only let me secure an admission into my dream program but also leveraged my communication and critical thinking skills along the way. Besides Alira, all other advisors also worked hard and contributed to personalize my personal statements, which made me stand out among all applicants. I am glad that VIGP and I trust each other and achieved a desirable outcome for both of us! I would like to recommend VIGP to all my peers who have struggles with applications to graduate programs.


A.A. from Bunker Hill Community College
B.A. in Education from Lesley University, Boston

My experience with VIGP was more than wonderful. VIGP, especially Alira, has assisted me from various perspectives during my transition from high school to higher education in the U.S.A; including but not limited to school selection, academic guidance, emotional support and more, VIGP was and is always available whenever I needed. I was able to thrive and explore academically, culturally, and emotionally because of their support along my journey in Boston. Alira is very sincere and is devoted to helping students with their journey of study abroad. Through my career as an educator, I am very impressed with the individualized plans she provides for students based on their unique background and needs. Her passion and expertise in international education have made my journey in studying abroad smoother; therefore, I highly recommend VIGP to parents interested in exposing their children to multicultural/ international education or individuals needing support navigating through the process.


Graduated from Kings High School
Accepted into Syracuse University

I’m really grateful that I could have VIGP as my consultant throughout my high school year. Alira is really patient, kind and diligent. She has been helped a lot both academically and outside of school. Each year she has been giving me a lot of advice in registering classes and making preparations for college. She has also offered me a lot of chances to meet with different people, especially in the field of architecture which is also the major I want to pursue in college. She has been a great help also between me and my high school. I would say our relationship is more like friend than client and customer, and this is really special. Choosing VIGP meant gaining a fantastic friendship other than client service in other agency. And this experience has helped me a lot and I’m able to develop both mentally and physically. I’m glad that I choose VIGP as my consultant, and it has been a wonderful journey. I would like to recommend all my peers to choose VIGP as their consultant!

Ren - Parent

Steven graduated from Southern Seattle College
Studying at the Washington State University

VIGP was referred to us through my friend who used VIGP’s services. My son studied at South Seattle College and needed to transfer to a university for a Bachelor’s degree. As parents living in China, we know very little about the transfer process and education system in the US. VIGP assisted my son, Steven, through the transfer process including working with the school to obtain the right transcripts, reviewing essays, and assisting with the application process. Now, Steven is studying at the Washington State University for a B.S in Psychology. We still worry about our son’s life and school performance while he is studying in the US by himself, so we choose VIGP’s ongoing mentoring service that provides assistance with the academic plan and tutoring  to make sure Steven is on the right path towards the goal of graduating on time. We are pleased with VIGP’s assistance!


B.S. in Economics from University of Alabama
Accepted into M.S in Business Analytics at New York University
Working at Alibaba since 2020

I had a general idea about what schools and programs I wanted to pursue for my master’s degree. During the application season, I had to prepare for GRE testing, search and select the schools and programs, improve my undergraduate GPA, and plan for graduation. I felt a lot of pressure and time constraints confronted with so many tasks. I hoped that a professional would help me customize a plan to help with my application materials and process. During the whole process, VIGP spent enough time to assist me selecting a school and program that matched my interests and capacity. I decided to apply to New York University as my dream school. Writing a memorable, storytelling, and personal essay wasn’t an easy task for me. I had some experiences to mention but did know how to write a unique and impressive essay. VIGP assisted me with reflecting on my experience, collecting all stories, crafting a draft essay, and making multiple revisions. I was ultimately accepted into my dream school, NYU. Thanks for VIGP’s assistance that allowed me to achieve my goals! 

Jenny - Parent

Bryan Graduated from Skyline High School
Studying Finance in Santa Clara University 

I am Jenny, Bryan’s Mom. We started working with VIGP to assist my son in preparing and applying to university, beginning when Bryan was in 10th grade. VIGP counselors are professional, conscientious, and patient. They not only provide customized and thorough service for college preparedness, but also guide and support my son to build up self-confidence, find his inner passions as he explores major and future career directions, which are very important for my son to make the right decisions during his teenage years. Bryan is studying Finance at Santa Clara University. We are happy with the cooperation and outcome with VIGP. VIGP does not provide just college preparedness services, but also advocates for education and empower students. I believe that the value of education is not only gaining knowledge, but more importantly  to lighten a person’s spirit and soul. We wish VIGP the best with developing and growing in the Education domain.